bishop’s bio

Bishop, Dr. Willie Moses Thornton, Jr.

Dr. Thornton is the Senior Leader of King of Kings International, in Taylor Michigan, USA. He’s married to the beautiful Lady Ericka.  And adores his three children. 

Dr. Thornton is an individual whose influence has spanned the globe. He is passionately committed and mandated to empower individuals, communities, churches, and civic organizations by the awakening of their inherent and God-given potential. Pastor Thornton has helped develop many individuals with his unique communication skills and rare prophetic insight, affording him the honor and privilege to prophesy before kings, presidents, government agencies, and many leaders. He has ministered within the Kingdom of God as a Samuel. Dr. Thornton begin to preach this glorious gospel at the age of twelve years old.

He has ministered throughout the nations of the world. Ministering in such places as Africa, India, Europe, Middle East, throughout the islands and United States of America.

2009 Dr. Thornton was consecrated into the office of bishop, Chief Consecrator, Apostle Tudor Bismark. .  Bishop Thornton sits under an apostolic council which includes; Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, Benin City Nigeria, Apostle Ed Watson, Nassau Bahamas, and Bishop Ben Gibert, Redford, MI.

Apostle Thornton has birthed out many works, establishing many churches, schools, and has stood along side many to help build and fortify there works and ministries. He covers apostolically a network of many churches and ministries. Many apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors, teachers and intercessors have been developed under his ministry. Dr. Thornton is known for his sensitivity in the Spirit. His compassion opens a wide door for the power of God to move in inspiring as well as supernatural ways.

Dr. Thornton is also a prolific and published writer and author, whose books and articles are read worldwide, especially his book“Have you receive the Holy Ghost since you believe?”.

Dr. Thornton is a man of love, he loves people. He’s a man of prayer, and he’s a man of God!